Standing Water Can Damage Your Property

Get a French drain installation in Clover, York & Rock Hill, SC

Do you end up with a pond in your backyard after big rainstorms roll through your neighborhood? If there's standing water on your property, you could run into major problems like foundation damage.

Consider a French drainage system for your property in Clover, York or Rock Hill, SC. You can trust Shick's Plumbing Solutions LLC to install it for you from start to finish.

We're proud to provide affordable French drain installation services that never skimp on quality. Reach out to our local plumber to discuss your options.

Could your property benefit from a French drain?

If you're not sure whether your property needs a French drainage system, our professional team can help. We'll send our owner to your property to assess the existing drainage setup and offer solutions.

You may need a French drain installation if...

  • There's water leaking into your basement or first floor.
  • You live at the bottom of a large hill.
  • You notice puddles or pooling water in your yard.

Have questions? Let us answer them. Call (803) 207-1990 now to talk to our professional plumber.